The Boston Partnership for Older Adults is a coalition of over 200 organizations and individuals working to ensure that all older adults have the support and resources needed to age with dignity. Through education, improved access to information and services, as well as increased collaboration among Boston’s aging service providers and funders, we are striving to build a system for older adults and their care partners that values independence and choice. Together with the entire city of Boston we will enhance the services and support that will enable older adults to remain active and vibrant members of our community.

The Boston Partnership for Older Adults is supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation through its Community Partnerships for Older Adults (CPFOA) national initiative. CPFOA seeks to foster community partnerships that are improving the long-term care and supportive service systems to meet the current and future needs of older adults.

Special Announcements
Primary Care for Older Adults: A Functional Approach

The Boston Partnership for Older Adults announces the availability of its Functional Assessment Tool for Primary Care Physicians and the accompanying Patient Questionnaire. The BPOAs Health Care Committee members created these materials.

The Functional Assessment Tool provides guidelines for a comprehensive assessment of older adults. Where appropriate the ICD-9 billing codes are provided to assist you with Pay for Performance and to bill for any issues, which you identified and addressed. Also provided is the contact information for Boston ElderINFO, a community information and referral service.

By using the Functional Assessment Tool and the Patient questionnaire, you treat the entire person and in addition to medical issues, you may discover some non-medical issues, which are impacting the health status of your patient. You are also supporting an improved dialogue between older patients and their doctors and increasing awareness that health equals function when considering how best to assess and treat older patients.

To download the materials click here

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