Dear Friends,

Dale Mitchell Executive Director

In Massachusetts, six out of ten elders who live at home cannot afford basic necessities such as food, housing and medications, let alone the care they need to be save at home. That is where Ethos comes in. Every week Ethos helps over 3500 elders and disabled people stay exactly where they want to be: in their own homes and the communities they love. It’s work we find tremendously gratifying. However, it is also work that depends on support from people like you. As we like to say at Ethos, it takes a village to care for those longer able to care for themselves.

Just look at what we have been able to accomplish together over the past year:

  • Served more than 310,000 meals from our Meals-on-Wheels and Community Café programs
  • Helped 400 severely disabled, “complex care” elders stay at home
  • Performed nearly 2000 nursing assessments or screenings for services
  • Relocated 20 long-term nursing home residents back to the community
  • Assisted 200 younger disabled people maintain independent living
  • Counseled more than 3600 elderly and disabled residents on health insurance options and generated more than $3 million in savings
  • Taught 33 evidence-based, health education classes with over 450 elders programs completing
  • Received more than 45,000 hours of donated volunteer time
  • Grown the JP@Home program to over 100 members, seven neighborhoods and 20 monthly activities

Together we can achieve more. We need your donations, your support, and your energy! Will you make a fully tax-deductible donation to Ethos that will go to programs that are both innovative and cost-effective? Every dollar you give makes a huge difference in the lives of the elderly and disabled.

Will you help us meet our fundraising goal of $50,000 by December 31st? Your contribution will ensure that we determine the course of our lives no matter what our age or ability.

Mail your contribution to Ethos by December 31st or visit to make a donation securely online. For additional information, contact Amy Tantillo at 617-477-6943 or

Warm regards,

Dale Mitchell
Executive Director