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Please tune in regularly for live streamed presentations from Ethos.


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This Wellness on the Web program is part of Ethos’ response to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, bans on large gatherings and the growing social isolation of our most vulnerable residents. Health and wellness presentations, conversations with elected officials, exercise classes and other activities will streamed regularly on internet via Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

This week, Alexandra Hill-Paduano, RD, Ethos’ resident Dietitian, provides some simple grocery shopping and menu planning ideas and recipes to help seniors minimize the number of trips to the store they need to make while practicing social distancing and self-isolating.


This week’s edition of Ethos Live features Alie Hill-Paduano, RD, our Dietician discussing food safety, the precautions you should take at the grocery store and ideas for healthy meals.

This edition of our Ethos Live series features a Conversation with Ethos CEO Valerie Frias. Valerie provides an update on how Ethos staff and volunteers are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, the programs and services that are available to older adults and other vulnerable populations, and what the community can do to support that work.


This week Ann Glora and Sonja Dahlberg, from our Healthy Aging Program, discuss Falls Prevention. Find out how to make your home, and immediate surroundings safer and, learn some simple exercises you can do every day, in the comfort of your home, to get stronger and steadier on your feet.


Ann Glora, Ethos’ healthy aging program manager, leads a 30 minute Cardio and Strengthening class you can follow while sitting down. All you need is a sturdy chair, preferably without arms.


Coming up , Friday, March 27, at 1:00 p.m., on FacebookYouTube or on our website, a 30 minute Tai Chi session. Regular practice of Tai Chi helps to improve balance and prevent falls, and regular physical activity is a great way to cure cabin fever.

Trained instructors Ann Glora and Patrice Gattozzi will lead you through a 30-minute Tai Chi program that also includes stretching and strengthening.



Coming up at 12:30 pm, on on Facebook, YouTube, Live Conversation with Valerie Frias, CEO, Ethos and Representative Joe Kennedy III, MA 4th Congressional District. They will be providing an update of what is being done nationally and locally to help older adults affected by the coronavirus outbreak.


The next broadcast will be Thursday, March 19, 2020 at 1:00 pm, on Facebook, YouTube or on our website, for 30 minutes of stretching and strengthening that you can do at home, led by Ann Glora, our healthy aging program manager.