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DEPARTMENT: Care Management
POSITION: Care Manager Assistant
SUPERVISOR: Care Management Assistant Director
STATUS: Full-time, 35 hours per week, non-exempt
SALARY: $32,200-$35,000 Depending on Experience

Ethos is looking for support aides to assist Care Managers by covering for the Care Manager when they are out of the office or when a caseload is uncovered; closing cases; starting services; managing suspensions, including suspension and re-opening; and other tasks to facilitate smooth, accurate communication and documentation.  Tracks flow of paperwork including waiver, ECOP, PC and HHA plans of care.


  1. Covers phone for case managers who are out of the office either for the entire day or on visits. This includes completing the coverage log, adding suspensions, restarting services if an additional home visit is not needed, closing clients in SIMS.  Document actions in the client record in a timely and clear manner.
  2. For uncovered caseloads, handles phone calls or refers to supervisor for more complex issues.
  3. Handles phone calls and follows-up as needed.
  4. After the CM initiates waiver screens, ECOP and PC requests, follows-up to make sure that paperwork is received.
  5. File documents in client files
  6. Follows-up on missed meal reports.
  7. Assists elderly clients and or their families on the phone with problem-solving in a professional, patient and respectful manner.
  8. Run upcoming CM visit report and cross reference with nursing visits
  9. Completes data review tasks as assigned.
  10. Completes other duties similar in scope to those described.


  1. Basic word processing skills
  2. Ability to read, write and communicate in English.
  3. Depending on position, bilingual in Spanish or Haitian Creole required.
  4. Excellent telephone communication skills, patience and ability to work with elders who may be anxious or frustrated.
  5. Common sense and insight to know when help is needed and assertiveness to ask for assistance.


  1. High school diploma or equivalent
  2. Customer service experience
  3. Ability to observe and report objectively verbally and in writing
  4. Excellent teamwork and communication skills
  5. Ability to learn and use client data base effectively
  6. Ability to organize and manage workflow
  7. Proficient keyboarding skills
  8. Ability to physically move paper files weighing less than 10 pounds.