Celtics Rookie, Grant Williams, a power forward, gave the team at Ethos a big shout out for all of their hard work and wished the agency good luck on their Annual Campaign. Williams has quickly become a fan favorite in the few games of the NBA season.

Ethos welcomes Grant Williams to Boston and wishes him the best of luck this season. Go Celtics!

Dear Friends,

Imagine waking up every day wondering, “how much longer will I be able to live in my home?” Sadly, that’s the daily reality for many seniors and disabled persons in our community, who want to live independently, but can no longer do so without the help of others.

For the past 45 years Ethos has worked with neighbors like you to help seniors maintain their independence. Through simple acts of kindness such as home- delivered meals, home care, crisis intervention, a friendly visitor or even services tailored for LGBT elders, we’ve been making a profound difference in the lives of seniors and the disabled.

Through the generosity of people like you, Ethos serves over 3,000 individuals and families in Boston. Most recently, Ethos was named the

administrator for Boston’s entire Meals-on-Wheels, program serving a lifeline of nutritious food for seniors and disabled who can’t afford or are unable to prepare their own meals. As with all Ethos services, this program is more than just a delivery service, it’s also a daily warm smile and a safety-check by someone who might be the only person that senior sees the entire day.

Ethos is here to serve but we can’t do it alone. We need your help to give back to those who have already given so much to our community.

  • For $50, your donation can provide 3 hours of homemaking, personal care or
  • For $100, your donation can provide one month of home-delivered
  • For $250, your donation can fund a 24 week class for 35 elders to learn Tai Chi and prevent injuries from

Won’t you please consider making a donation to Ethos today?


Valerie Frias
CEO, Ethos