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AgeWell West Roxbury is an Ethos-sponsored initiative that promotes the development of an age-friendly community and the creation of successful aging- in-place strategies for the Boston neighborhood with the highest concentration and highest absolute number of elders. AgeWell collaborates with residents of all ages, local businesses, religious organizations and health and social service providers to build a community that is collectively activated around and responsive to healthy aging and local unmet needs.


AgeWell offers a diverse array of evidence-based health promotion/disease management classes; social, recreational and intergenerational programs; and healthy food and friendships via the AgeWell Café — all at little to no cost to participants. As AgeWell celebrates its 6th anniversary, it is continuously developing new partnerships and utilizing its expertise in grassroots mobilization to reach more residents.

In response to a local needs assessment, AgeWell has deepened its partnership with ITN Greater Boston to increase transportation options for seniors, facilitating their connectivity to the community and promoting socialization. AgeWell sponsors a Snow Shoveling Awareness Campaign in conjunction with businesses and volunteers because seniors identified poor snow removal as a major concern. This is what AgeWell is all about: creating what seniors want and need to age well by engaging the community and partnering with entities capable of creative solutions.

AgeWell West Roxbury’s major funders include the Tufts Health Plan Foundation and The Gardens at Gethsemane. AgeWell West Roxbury was selected as the 2013 Root Cause Social Innovator for Healthy Aging.

Healthy Aging Classes

Regular physical activity, healthy eating, staying smoke-free, and staying socially connected are essential for healthier lives.

Ethos AgeWell classes and workshops are offered to seniors to give participants the skills and confidence to manage their health and either prevent or delay chronic conditions and live healthier, more active lives.