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Q: Is JP@Home a Village?
A: Yes! The Village concept aims to “support the medical, functional, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of older adults.” Residents create Villages to help coordinate and deliver services and supports within their communities. Villages reflect their communities through variations in design, capacity, and operation. Many older adults join these Villages because of a desire to remain in their homes and not be dependent on family members and friends.

Beacon Hill Village, established in Boston in 2001, is one of the most recognized models of the Village concept. What started as a group of residents who wanted to receive services and supports in their homes and communities has now evolved into a national movement.

Currently, there are over 360 Village organizations across the United States in operation or development.

Q: What kind of services & supports does JP@Home provide?

Home Care Services & Referrals

Long Term Care Options Counseling
Home Safety Inspection
In-Home Needs Assessment
Case Management
Personal Care Assistants
Grocery Shopping and Delivery
Meal Preparation
Home Delivered Meals
Laundry Services

Social Events & Activities

Healthy Aging and Wellness Classes
Community Building
Support Groups
Dining Out Events
Educational Seminars
Theater and Arts Groups

Home Maintenance & Repair

Major and Minor Home Modification
Contractor Vetting and Recommendations
Snow Removal and Landscaping
Handyman Services
Cleaning Services

Q:I live somewhere else part of the year. Can I join just for the months I am here?
A: Unfortunately, JP@Home does not currently offer partial-year memberships. 
Q: How is JP@Home funded?
A: JP@Home is funded primarily by members themselves through fees, donations and funding from Ethos. Additional funding comes from the Charles H. Farnsworth Trust.
Q: I am healthy and active and do not require services. Why should I join JP@Home?
A: JP@Home is not only about services and supports. JP@Home is a community of like-minded residents who what to: age in their own homes; develop new friendships; give back to others through volunteer opportunities; learn more about how to get and stay healthy as they grow older; and attend fun cultural and educational events, while having the security knowing they will have access to services and supports, should they ever need them.
Q: Is my membership fee tax-deductible?
A: A portion of the JP@Home membership fee, minus the fair market value of your benefits in accordance with IRS regulations, such as your JP@Home Newsletter subscription, is tax-deductible. For Social and Individual Full Memberships, the fair market value is $50; $295 of the membership is deductible. For Household Memberships, $590 is deductible. Members will receive a tax receipt at the end of the year. Over and above to their dues, many many JP@Home members make additional gifts which are 100% tax-deductible.
Q: Can I join JP@Home if I don't live in Jamaica Plain?
A: Membership in the JP@Home program is open to adults who reside in Jamaica Plain, Roslindale, West Roxbury, Hyde Park, Mission Hill, Roxbury, and Brookline. 

Q: If I sign up for a Social Membership, can I upgrade to the Individual Full Membership?
A: Yes. While we recommend that members carefully consider what their needs will be for the year, we do offer the opportunity to upgrade to the Individual Full Membership at any time, should you want or require additional services and support benefits. If upgrading to an Individual Full Membership, you would be charged $150 for the services and supports portion plus a $100 fee. 
Q: If I sign up for a membership, can I downgrade?
A: Members may change to a lower level only when renewing their membership. We do not currently offer the ability to downgrade a membership mid-year. 
Q: I live somewhere else part of the year. Can I join just for the months I am here?
A: Unfortunately, JP@Home does not currently offer partial-year memberships.