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Ethos has long been a leader in taking on the challenges facing elders and, finding solutions to the vexing knot of problems that—often prematurely—push the isolated and homebound into nursing homes.

Lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender elders, in particular, are among our most vulnerable older adults. They are much less likely to have the traditional supports that others depend on as they age: spouses, children, and other relatives. LGBTs need support from the aging services network to age well – in their own communities and among their own peers.

According to a recent survey of elders at community cafes throughout the Greater Boston area, lesbian, gay and bisexual seniors reported feeling more isolated and alone than their heterosexual peers.  In fact, more than 53% of LGB seniors reported feeling they lacked support, compared to only 32% of heterosexuals. The same study found that more than twice as many LGB seniors feel “left out” and marginalized than their heterosexual peers.

Ethos is proud to be the sponsor of Out4Supper, Café Emmanuel and Out2Brunch – safe, affirming environments for LGBT seniors to make friends, strengthen their support circles and rebuild resiliency.


Programs for LGBT Elders