Why support Ethos?

Forty years ago, a handful of local activists answered a call from a progressive Governor and incorporated Southwest Boston Senior Services, Boston’s first not-for-profit devoted SOLELY to keeping the elderly and disabled at home. It was the first of many Boston firsts that Ethos is proud of.

  • We were the first to:
  • Open an elder lunch site
  • Enroll an elder in home care
  • Send an ombudsman into a nursing home
  • Recruit a volunteer to visit an elder at home
  • Deliver a Latino meal
  • Reach out to elder immigrants from
  • Haiti Take LGBT aging out of the closet
  • Organize a flash mob to raise awareness of elder abuse

As Ethos enters middle age, our impatience with the status quo has only grown and our taste for innovation has only accelerated.

Over the past few years we have:

  • Started new programs to advise people on their long-term care options, assist them with Medicare enrollments and help nursing home residents move back into the community.
  • More than doubled our use of volunteers through activities like computer trainings, yard clean ups and snow shoveling.
  • Promoted healthy aging through the most extensive array of group trainings – fall prevention, disease self-management, memory fitness, healthy eating – of any organization in Boston.

As a non-profit, meeting the needs of low-income elders, Ethos must raise funds each year from private sources. Nothing we have done over the past forty years has been done alone. Everything has involved a collective effort by our vendors, colleagues, partners, volunteers, employees, directors, clients, caregivers, advocates, community leaders, elected officials and you.

We hope you will consider making a donation to Ethos so we can continue to ensure that no matter what our age or ability, we determine – not government rules or social bias or economic status or caregiver stress – we determine the course of our lives until life itself is over.

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