New Contract and Partnership Consolidates the Elder Nutrition Project Under Ethos

BOSTON (January 23, 2019) –  The Boston Elder Nutrition Program, which is responsible for providing more than 2.1 million federal, state and city subsidized meals for seniors in Boston, will be overseen by Ethos, the 45 year-old non-profit that provides services for the elderly and disabled. The program helps the elderly remain independent by bringing healthy, nutritious food to home bound elders through Meals on Wheels and to more mobile seniors in neighborhood settings called Community Cafés.

The consolidation of the Boston Elder Nutrition Program is made possible through an innovative collaboration between the City of Boston’s Age Strong Commission (formerly the Commission on Affairs of the Elderly), and the elder services non-profits Central Boston Elder Services, Boston Senior Home Care and Ethos, all working together to bring healthy food to seniors.

According to Meals on Wheels of America, the advocacy group representing elder nutrition providers, seniors make up 22% of the state’s population, with more than a quarter (27%) living alone and 12% threatened by hunger. The Boston Elder Nutrition Program at Ethos helps reduce hunger, food insecurity and social isolation, promotes socialization of older adults and promote health and wellness by creating and maintaining access to nutrition and health promotion services.

“For millions of Americans, Meals on Wheels and Community Café programs are literally the difference between remaining in their own homes and needing to relocate to a nursing facility,” said Dale Mitchell, CEO, Ethos. “The nutritious meal, friendly visit and safety check help them cope with some of the biggest threats of aging including hunger, isolation and the loss of independence. When seniors have the right support, they gain greater quality of life, need fewer hospital stays and live longer.”

Adequate nutrition is necessary for health, functionality and the ability to remain independent. Healthy eating can increase mental acuity, resistance to illness and disease, energy levels, immune system strength, recuperation speed and the ability to manage chronic health problems. The Boston Elder Nutrition Program ensures that seniors have access to adequate nutrition even when family support, mobility and resources are lacking. For less than the cost of a single day in a hospital, or 10 days in a nursing home, Ethos can provide a senior with healthy and nutritious Meals on Wheels for an entire year.

The Ethos Meals on Wheels Program caters to many tastes, with menus that feature African American, Asian, Caribbean, Kosher and Russian dishes, as well as traditional American fare. Based on their individual needs, elders may also receive frozen weekend meals, cold meals, and nutritional supplements.

For more information about the Boston Elder Nutrition Program at Ethos, or to make a referral, please visit, r call 617-522.6700.