Taisha has served for a year as a Client Services Coordinator Intern assisting seniors with bill paying.

When Taisha needed to find an internship for her Human services Program at Bunker Hill Community College, working with seniors was not on her mind. However, after working on a group project with a former Ethos intern and with the encouragement of her Professor, she decided to apply.

As a Client Services Coordinator with the Boston Money Management Program, Taisha assists 1-2 clients each week with managing their bills, making sure bills are budgeted for and paid on time, enabling clients to maintain their housing and essential utilities.

Taisha has learned that it is important to build a rapport with the client and make sure they understand they still have their independence. The biggest challenges that Taisha faces with new clients is asking for the personal banking information that is necessary for her bill paying role. To overcome this, Taisha makes sure to gain their trust first, by talking to them and building a relationship. Her favorite part of the position is leaving the client’s home feeling like she helped them, and also knowing they helped her too.

Since starting as a Client Services Coordinator, Taisha has developed a passion for working with the elderly; she is now open to a career in the elder services field when she graduates from Bunker Hill Community College! Now that Taisha has finished her year as a Client Service Coordinator she will be continuing to assist some of her clients as a bill payer volunteer.

To learn more about the Client Services Coordinator Internship and the Boston Money Management Program at Ethos, please contact David Ross, Boston Money Management Program Manager at dross@ethocare.org or 617-477-6945.