Giving back to the community has always been important to Ramona

For several years Ramona has volunteered with Generations Incorporated in their literacy program, which matches adults as reading mentors to Boston Public School students. It was through Generations Incorporated that Ramona met another volunteer who recommended volunteering at Ethos as well.  As Ramona developed a passion for seniors when she worked at the VA Hospital, she jumped at the idea of volunteering with this population.

Ramona came to Ethos especially interested in the Friendly Visitor Program as a way to visit seniors in their own homes where they are most comfortable.  She has also served as a Medical Escort, accompanying seniors to their doctor’s appointments and offering guidance and companionship in the process. Since she started volunteering with these two programs in 2015, Ramona has given over 400 hours of her time to local seniors!

Ramona’s favorite experience volunteering at Ethos has been visiting with a particular client who is legally blind and with other medical conditions, but knowing that they are very comfortable with each other and have formed a strong bond. For anyone looking to volunteer with seniors, Ramona would suggest being patient and showing the respect. “We can learn a lot from them, so treat them as your own grandparent!”

To learn more about volunteering with Ethos’ Friendly Visitor or Medical Escort Programs, contact Meg Barhite, Director of Counseling and Support Services, at or 617-4787-6623.