Sara Tse has been visiting Tony for 5 years and recently helped him celebrate his 100th birthday.

Sara started volunteering as a Friendly Visitor in 2013. Meg Barhite, the Volunteer Services Manager at the time, shared with Sara three possible seniors she could be matched with to visit each week. Sara chose the name at the top of the list and never looked back. The senior’s name was Tony and Sara has been visiting Tony every week ever since.

Sara says when she visits Tony he shares lots of memories. He is a World War Two Veteran and he tells her  about his personal experiences during historical moments such as the Battle of Bulge which she learned about in school. Sara says that hearing about the event firsthand from Tony made it much more interesting and meaningful. Tony has even showed Sara his helmet and boots from the war and lots of other memorabilia.

When Tony turned 99 he got sick and spent about a month in hospital. His family started to prepare for the worst and Sara continued to visit him in hospital. Tony would always brighten up when he saw Sara. They both believe that her visits improved his morale, which helped him recover and return home.

Tony celebrated his 100th birthday this year and not only were his family and close friends there with him– including Sara – but he also received recognition from the City of Boston.  In honor of Tony’s 100th birthday, the city of Revere, where Tony was born, now has a day dedicated to Tony called Tony Barrasso Day.

5 years later Sara continues to visit Tony every week. She says “I’ve become part of the family – it’s very warm, welcoming and I enjoy hearing all about Tony’s memories from the past”.

About his relationship with Sara, Tony says to Sara “Why do you waste your time coming to see me?” and Sara replies, “Because we’re friends!” and then Tony just smiles!

To become an Ethos Friendly Visitor and share in a friendship like Sara and Tony’s, please contact Miriam Michelson, Volunteer Services Program Coordinator at 617-522-6700 x540 or