A Message on the Murder of George Floyd and Institutional Racism

Dear Friends,

The deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless other black and brown people who face discrimination and violence daily are tragic and reflect a centuries long system of racism that has pervaded our country. No person should fear for their life or receive unequal treatment because of the color of their skin. At Ethos, we need to be part of the solution. We must strive for greater equity and justice for our neighbors, our consumers and our staff.

The mission of Ethos is to improve the quality of life and independence for our elders and disabled. We must address the institutional inequity that exists in all of the systems on which we rely. Many of our consumers, staff, and community members have lived this reality all of their lives. For those of us who have not and may never, I encourage you to listen, educate yourself, and be a fierce advocate for change.

We are at a pivotal juncture in our country’s history, and we at Ethos reaffirm our commitment to ensure that our office culture and client care are culturally competent, aware, and equitable as we move forward to a more just society. We stand together to listen and act. You are our partners and our community; we welcome open dialogue and feedback and will examine and reexamine our practices to ensure diversity, equity and a commitment to social justice.

In solidarity,



Valerie Frias,