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Boston City Paper: Ethos Sends A Friend

By February 1, 2014No Comments

Boston City Paper: Ethos Sends A Friend

February 1. 2014

Each year the worry starts a little earlier. This year it started on a frosty  Halloween morning and won’t ease until April 13, Palm Sunday.

This is the way it is for Noreen M, who monitors the weather forecast closely from her modest but comfortable West Roxbury home. To this widowed mother of five. The Farmers Almanac is “a load of ou’l nonsense like that other eejit with the big teeth down in Pennsylvania”.

But when Harvey (Leonard) says the snow is coming, then there is no more arguing.

Of course it wasn’t always like this.

Skating, sledding and day long hockey games in the neighbors yards provided countless hours of entertainment for Noreen’s family growing up. Slipping, sliding  and falling are usually little more than an inconvenience to strong young limbs. Her kids are now living elsewhere, the closest lives an hour away in Marshfield.

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