To Whom It May Concern:

Ethos is a most wonderful service offered to the city of Boston residents who need various “helps” to make their lives much easier.

I receive housekeeping and laundry services, however, my favorite, and the best by far, is the [friendly] companion I “hooked up” with by matching my likes, dislikes, and needs with a person who understands me, cards about me, and mutually get along – almost like BIG SISTER-SMART LITTLE SISTER.

Nolvia is so well-educated, she can finish my sentences with my words. Nolvia is not a guest in my home – – not even a companion – – rather a good friend that I see more often than my other friends and the family here in Roslindale that I love, but everyone has their own life.

The best overall thing is that she is so much a part of my life. Nolvia helps me wake up on Thursday morning, knowing that the day will finish in a good mood and spirit (at least one day a week!). Two smiles are better than one!!


Ilene K.
West Roxbury, MA