After the death of his roommate, John was struggling to keep up with his rent. Through the collaborative efforts of Ethos’ Boston Money Management Team and of the agency’s community network, specifically Central Boston Elder Services, John’s new roommate will be moving in this month.

John has lived in the Roslindale area for over four years. For the past several years, Ethos has been helping John pay his rent and essential utilities through the Boston Money Management Program. At the end of March, John’s roommate passed away, leaving John responsible for the full rent of the apartment.

Struggling with keeping up with the monthly rent, Jim, a case worker from Central Boston Elder Services helped John begin searching for a roommate or a cheaper housing option. In collaboration with Jim, our Money Management Program Client Services Coordinator Intern, Eric, began visiting John to further assist him with his search efforts. However, it quickly became clear that moving would result in a significant decrease in his standard of living, and no roommate inquiries had proven compatible.

Prospects were looking dismal when a former Ethos staff member passed on information about a woman who was looking for a room to rent with a roommate in Boston. John was reluctant, as he had never had a female roommate and was unsure if they would get along. Relying on their strong relationship, Eric was able to encourage John to meet Anne before deciding against it. The two hit it off immediately and Anne will be moving in this upcoming month!

Thanks to these collaborative efforts, John will be able to remain living in the home that he loves while maintaining a balanced budget. He’s also found a new friend and companion in his roommate.

To learn more about the Boston Money Management Program and how to help elders like John live with dignity and independence through monthly bill paying, please contact Kate Bancroft, Boston Money Management Program Coordinator, at,  617-522-6700 x322 or click here to make a referral.