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Ethos and MSPCA to offer Pet Care Services For Elderly and Disabled Pet Owners

By February 21, 2008No Comments

SOUTHWEST BOSTON, MA (February 21, 2008) – As part of a pilot project, Ethos is collaborating with the MSPCA-Angell to provide access to pet care services, financial assistance for routine veterinary care and pet foster care for their elderly and disabled low-income clients, who are pet owners. This signature MSCPA-Angell volunteer-based program called Phinney’s Friends had previously assisted only pet owners, who are living with HIV/AIDs.

“The Phinney’s Friends program is a great extension to our current service offerings for our elderly and disabled,” said Ethos Executive Director Dale Mitchell. “We are pleased to partner with MSPCA-Angell to provide access to services that will assist our clients in caring for their loved ones – their pets.”

The list of services now available to Ethos clients includes:

Pet care – Dog walking, litter box cleaning, light grooming, socializing, feeding and other pet-care services.

Education – Focusing on the benefits of pet ownership and on educating clients and other about the proper precautions to prevent contracting zoonotic diseases.

Financial Assistance for routine preventative veterinary care – Clients who qualify, based on need, can receive financial assistance to be used for veterinary care to keep pets healthy. Vouchers will be issued and can be used for vaccinations, heartworm testing and prevention, flea control and prevention, grooming, and other preventative care.

Long-term pet placement planning – Helping people begin to prepare for their pet’s future in the event that the pet survives them-including identification and discussion of options for finding another suitable home with friends, family, rescue groups, shelters or other arrangements.

Foster Care – Phinney’s Friends may be able to provide temporary housing for clients’ pets, if suitable volunteer foster homes are available.

Pet Food – Pet food can be provided on an emergency basis when a client is unable to afford it.

Transportation – Phinney’s Friends may be able to provide pet transportation to the veterinarian or the groomer.

If you would like more details about the Phinney’s Friends program at Ethos, please call (617) 522-6700. If you are interested in volunteering for the program, please call Bryn Conklin (617) 525-5656 or Carmine DiCenso (617) 541-5105 or visit