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Ethos CEO Valerie Frias Tells Us The Truth

By January 13, 2021March 13th, 2024No Comments

Imagine being responsible for feeding over 12,000 Elderly Persons every single day. Ethos CEO Valerie Frias is responsible for such an undertaking and so much more. Listen as Valerie explains the complex challenges she and her team are tasked with managing and how the Pandemic has increased the number of people they serve. How has growing up in a family originally from Portugal affected Valerie’s decision to become a Lawyer and focus primarily on serving various populations in need including the Elderly. Valerie also provides some great tips on what We all can do to help Elders in our own families during these uncertain times. There is even discussion about Portuguese cuisine!


Tell Us the Truth, a podcast series that provides a safe space for open dialogue about systemic racism and inequity, and what we can do collectively, as a society, to bring about change. You’ll hear honest discussion and frank answers from private citizens, elected officials, lawyers, community partners, youth and more. Tell Us The Truth is executive-produced and hosted by E. Duke Bennett, produced and engineered by Michael Pelosi and is in partnership with WBZ NewsRadio in Boston.