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Ethos Receives Software Donation From Novell

By June 26, 2008No Comments

SOUTHWEST BOSTON, MA (June 26, 2008) –Productivity is on the rise at Ethos thanks to an in-kind donation of software from Novell, Inc. valued at $7635.

“On behalf of Ethos, I wish to thank Gifts In Kind International and Novell for the generous donation of Groupwise 7.  This donation of software will allow our organization greater flexibility of communicating with our clients and their families over the Internet, “said Joseph Ordog, Ethos IT Manager.  “It will also allow our staff greater flexibility in keeping in touch with our vendors and the office by accessing their email from any remote location with an Internet connection.”

Novell’s software donations are part of its Community Relations program, which seeks to enable nonprofit organizations to develop and realize their visions through the power of technology. Novell’s corporate giving program focuses on the areas of education, critical community needs and cultural development.  Gifts In Kind International, the seventh largest charity in the United States, manages Novell’s software donation program coordinating distribution of Novell software to charities across the country.

“Novell’s generosity sets an outstanding example for the software industry,” said Barbara Florence, Vice President of Gifts In Kind International.  “Novell’s products enable charities to take advantage of all the benefits technology has to offer and allows them to do a more effective job of helping those who need it most.”

“Novell takes an active role in the communities and organizations in which our employees live and work,” said Phil Juliano, Vice President, Global Brand Management & Corporate Communications.  “We applaud Ethos for their dedicated commitment to our community and hope our contribution will facilitate this important work.”