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Graham-Cassidy bill threatens care for low-income seniors

By September 22, 2017No Comments

The Graham-Cassidy bill, the latest federal effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will decimate Medicaid and have a devastating impact on seniors, the disabled and th on people, including people with disabilities and pre-existing conditions.  

If enacted into law, Graham-Cassidy would cap and redistribute federal funds to states for the traditional Medicaid program for more than 60 million low-income children, parents, people with disabilities and the elderly. The proposal establishes a Medicaid per enrollee cap as the default for federal financing based on a complicated formula tied to different inflation rates. As a result, federal Medicaid financing would grow more slowly than estimates under current law. In addition to overall spending limits, the proposal would give the HHS Secretary discretion to further redistribute capped federal funds across states by making adjustments to states with high or low per enrollee spending.

Contact your Senator today and ask them to oppose the Graham-Cassidy bill.

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