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New video from the Tufts Health Plan Foundation on Social Isolation

By July 21, 2014No Comments

A new video from the Tufts Health Plan Foundation sheds light on the issue of social isolation as one of the most significant risk factors for people as they age.


As of 2012, the National Council on Aging estimated that about 6.7 million people, or 17 percent of the American population over age 65, would be considered “isolated.” When people are socially isolated, they’re more likely to be depressed, and they’re less able to take care of themselves, resulting in adverse health effects.

In this video, executive directors of Ethos AgeWell West Roxbury, ITNGreaterBoston and Mystic Valley Elder Services join the Tufts Health Plan Foundation in highlighting the importance of alleviating social isolation through physical and social activities that help people feel better about their lives and have a purpose for getting up every day.

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