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Planning Memorials: Reflecting a Life in a Memorial Celebration

By September 17, 2021No Comments

Planning Memorials: Reflecting a Life in a Memorial Celebration” offers viewers ways to design a memorial that is unique to the individual. Memorials can happen shortly after a death, or quite long after. Some people facing death take comfort in designing their own memorial. Memorials can be held in various settings, even online. They can be designed by those close to the deceased or, before their death, by the deceased themselves. They can be small or large, by invitation or open to all. While the session is not intended to be a formal “how to,” it will address many of the issues to consider when planning a tribute to our closest family and friends—programs, setting, food, in-person vs. virtual events, family dynamics, and more.

Two of the presenters, Fern Beschler and Judy Goggin, designed memorials over the last few years for their husbands; the third presenter, David Malone, will offer the perspective of a pastor who has guided many families through their journeys with life and death. Each of them will discuss their experience managing memorials; they will reflect on things that went well, things they would like to have done differently, and how they felt remembering. There will be time for questions and discussion.

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