Since 2013, volunteers like Irene Cramer have been serving in the Boston SHINE (Serving the Healthcare Needs of Everyone) Program at Ethos, helping Boston residents navigate their Medicare options.

When Irene was younger, she watched her father volunteer for an earlier version of the SHINE Program. When it came time for Irene to retire, she searched through volunteer websites to find a meaningful way to give back. That was where she found an ad for the Boston SHINE Program at Ethos.

For the past three years, Irene has volunteered out of the Ethos office once a week and typically speaks to 6-7 clients over the phone during her shift. Her role requires her to be patient and really listen to what is important to the client, “They share their story; who they are and what they’ve done.” She has found that it’s these conversations she has with clients, outside of discussing their Medicare plans, that she loves the most.

Navigating Medicare can be a very difficult process. For Boston residents with Medicare, Irene explains, “SHINE can give a complete picture of what you need to think about, and help you realize there is a pathway, you don’t need to be scared!”

Ethos thanks all of our dedicated SHINE volunteers who have helped hundreds of beneficiaries with their Part D drug coverage during this year’s Open Enrollment Period!

For more information on the SHINE Program or to become a SHINE Counselor, please contact Steven Scopa, Boston Regional SHINE Director at Ethos, at or 617-522-6700 x376.