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Sensible End of Life Planning

By March 18, 2021May 29th, 2024No Comments

Sensible End of Life Planning, Presented by Judith Schwarz for Ethos’ JP@Home Program, offers practical information on the following topics:

  • Everything you need to know about completing an advance directive
  • Status of Massachusetts Medical Aid in Dying legislation (MAID)
  • Until MAID becomes a reality, what other options exist for patient-controlled dying?
  • What about dementia? Many have greater fears about losing their minds than losing life to cancer. Documenting wishes about limiting future hand feeding in the event of advanced dementia.
  • The influence of Covid-19 on thoughts, concerns, or plans regarding end-of-life planning.

Judith Schwarz is a doctorally prepared nurse, and for several decades she has responded to the questions and concerns raised by persons living with incurable and progressive or terminal illnesses. She is the Clinical Director of End of Life Choices New York and often speaks with groups who are interested in making plans for themselves as the end of life “nears.” In addition, this nonprofit end-of-life advocacy and support organization works to legalize medical aid in dying in New York state and supports the work of other grassroots organizations engaged in similar efforts in their states.