Our Spring Yard Work program for 2018 has come to an end! Thank you to all the volunteers who participated, and to those who planned to participate but were thwarted by inclement weather.

Over 185 volunteers committed 531 hours to help 36 seniors rake, plant flowers and clean up winter debris.  These are record numbers!

A very special thank you to Alexa Pozniak, AmeriCorps Alums Boston, BU Academy High School, Building Impact & Takeda, Concordia High School, Henderson Inclusion School, Kings Education, Margarita Muniz Academy, Morgan Memorial Goodwill, Notre Dame Academy, RMR Group, Suffolk University, UMASS. They all made yard work this season possible!

The senior recipients of the Yard Work service deeply appreciate the help. They said:

“Thank you. They did a wonderful job”! – Margaret

“The yard looks great!” – Joan

“They got a lot done – picked up 1000’s of sticks, it’s made a giant difference – thank you so much!” – Betty

“It was lovely – I’m really pleased with the work they did!”- Lisa

“This was a wonderful gift!” – Mary

RMR Group Raking for Joanne

RMR Group Yard Workers Cleaning Up for Mary

AmeriCorps Alums Boston Chapter Yard Workers with Patricia


Concordia High School Seniors Yard Workers