With temperatures expected to soar into the 90s from Tuesday, June 18 through Thursday, June 20, 2024, the National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for Boston. Ethos would like to remind everyone to stay safe during this period of extreme heat.

Heat-induced illnesses can be severe, leading to confusion or even loss of consciousness. Here are some essential tips to stay safe:

  • Hydrate: Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day.
  • Dress Appropriately: Wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing.
  • Limit Outdoor Activities: Avoid physical activities outdoors during peak heat hours.

For those 65 and older, it’s crucial to take extra precautions:

  • Stay Connected: Have a friend or relative call to check on you regularly during the heatwave. If you know someone in this age group, particularly those without air conditioning or who live alone, check on them at least twice daily for signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke.
  • Understand the Risks: Older adults are less able to adjust to sudden temperature changes and are more likely to have chronic conditions or take medications that affect the body’s ability to regulate temperature or sweat.

Boston residents can call the Age Strong Commission at 617-635-4366 or 3-1-1 (available after hours) for more information on cooling centers near them. The city of Boston has opened cooling centers at 14 Boston Centers for Youth & Families (BCYF) community centers on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. A full list of centers can be found at boston.gov/heat or by calling the Age Strong Commission.

To learn more about Ethos, visit www.ethocare.org or call 617-429-2774.

Stay safe and take care of one another during this heat advisory!