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Volunteer Spotlight: Arnold and Golda Kagan

By November 10, 2017No Comments

In just one year, Arnold and Golda Kagan have given over 500 hours to helping Boston’s seniors!

When Arnold Kagan retired three years ago, he was grateful for the Medicare counseling assistance he and his wife, Golda, received through the SHINE (Serving the Health Insurance Needs of Everyone) Program at Ethos. When he noticed an ad in the Jamaica Plain Gazette to volunteer with Ethos, he saw a great opportunity to give back. Golda was happy to give back as well, as community service had been important to her family growing up. She had even experienced volunteering with seniors, having visited residents at a nursing home for two years.

So many of Ethos’ programs benefit from the service of the Kagans!  Together, they assist the Boston Money Management Program with crucial administrative tasks each month. They have also found independent projects that they enjoy.  Arnold volunteers as an Long Term Care Ombudsman, where he visits a local nursing home to advocate for residents; he has been very impressed with the quality of care that provided to the residents of the this nursing home. Golda serves lunch to local seniors at the Julia Martin House once a week, where she also partakes in their exercise class!  Golda’s favorite way to give back has been to create photo greeting cards, which combines her love of photography and allows her to share the beauty of Jamaica Plain with Ethos’ volunteers and clients.  Arnold and Golda have been impressed with the dedication and compassion all of the people they have met at Ethos.

Both Arnold and Golda believe it is very important to be involved in the community. When they are not volunteering with Ethos, they are participating in the Friendship Club in their building which welcomes new residents and brings gifts to new babies. They feel it’s important to find something you are passionate about to offer up your expertise, to feel you are accomplishing something. Both Arnold and Golda have used their unique skills to accomplish much for Ethos and Boston’s seniors this year, and continue to do so every day!

Are you interested in volunteering with Ethos? Contact Meg Barhite, Director of Counseling and Support Services, at or 617-477-6623.