Volunteer Spotlight: Derick Bryant

By September 28, 2017No Comments

Since 2008, Derick Bryant has volunteered over 1,000 hours at the Ethos office and agency events!

Derick began volunteering as a way to give back and make a difference in his community. He was interested in volunteering at Ethos because of the staff members and their passion for helping people. Derick sees his time at Ethos as a way to inspire those that need it, while gaining office experience.

Derick has been volunteering in Ethos’ office since 2008 for the Nutrition Department where he processes donations, puts mailings together, and helps with data entry. He has also completed projects for many other departments across the agency, such as filing, photocopying and answering phone calls for surveys. 

His favorite memory at Ethos was being recognized at our 2015 Volunteer Appreciation Party as “Outstanding Volunteer of the Year”, where Dale Mitchell, Ethos’ Chief Executive Officer, described him as a “smile on legs.”  Derick also remembers with fondness the surprise birthday party Ethos staff threw for him – Derick is truly a part of our team here at the office.

For future volunteers, Derick recommends that you work hard and love what you do!

To learn more about volunteering at the Ethos office, contact Miriam Michelson, Volunteer Coordinator, at or 617-522-6700 x540.