Step into the heartwarming world of family dedication and cherished memories with Al MacIsaac’s touching tribute at Ethos’ Where the Heart Is Gala. As the son of Effie’s Homemade founder Effie MacIsaac, Al shares his family’s profound appreciation for the essential work Ethos is doing in keeping loved ones at home during their final years.

In a heartfelt speech alongside his sister Joan, Al reflects on the commitment and love that kept their mother, Effie, safe and comfortable at home until her last breath at the remarkable age of 98. With gratitude for the dedicated team of Personal Care Attendants and the unwavering support of their family, Effie’s final days were spent in the familiar surroundings of her beloved home.

To honor Effie’s memory and share her legacy, Al presents all gala attendees with a sweet parting gift: a bag of Effie’s Homemade Biscuits. These delicious treats, crafted from Effie’s original oatcake recipe by Joan, embody the spirit of family, love, and tradition.

As Al expresses his belief in Ethos’ mission and the power of love to keep families together, he invites guests to savor the flavors of Effie’s Homemade and enjoy a taste of the MacIsaac family’s cherished recipes.

Join us in celebrating the legacy of Effie MacIsaac and the spirit of familial devotion at Where the Heart Is Gala. Experience the sweetness of love, community, and shared memories in every bite of Effie’s Biscuits.