Step back into the inspiring moments of Ethos as Valerie Frias, CEO, shared her empowering message at the Where the Heart Is Gala. With unwavering passion and commitment, Valerie took the stage to illuminate the mission and impact of Ethos in enhancing the lives of older adults in our community.

In her remarks, Valerie reflected on the journey of Ethos, highlighting the organization’s dedication to promoting independence, dignity, and well-being among older adults. She shared poignant anecdotes and heartwarming stories that underscored the transformative power of Ethos’ programs and services.

Valerie’s words resonated with authenticity and compassion as she spoke of the challenges faced by older adults and the unwavering support provided by Ethos. With eloquence and grace, she emphasized the importance of community, compassion, and advocacy in ensuring that every individual could age with dignity and purpose.